Kyverna Therapeutics

Positioning the category creator for CAR T cells for autoimmune disease.

Our challenge and opportunity

Kyverna Therapeutics launched with the goal of creating CAR T cell therapies that could serve as potentially curative treatments for autoimmune diseases. 

Waterhouse was charged with establishing the company as the category creator and leader in their nascent category, CAR T cells for autoimmune disease.
What we did
Research, brand strategy and positioning

Core values and behaviors development and activation

Visual identity and brand system

Medical illustration

Corporate website

Social media assets and graphic support

Brand imagery library

The company’s new logo featured the “Kyverna compass,” which emphasized the aim of their therapies: to target and modulate the underlying causes of autoimmune diseases.

Kyverna Logo
Kyverna Brand Book

Three corporate values developed as part of the company’s employer brand strategy captured the company’s unique approach to collaboration.

Kyverna Brand Values

Photography provided an insider view of the company’s lab and office culture and aligned all leadership headshots around a consistent photo style.

A redesigned corporate website, including custom medical illustrations, positioned the company’s innovation, leadership role and the market opportunity of Kyverna’s potentially game-changing therapies.

Kyverna Website
Kyverna MOA

LinkedIn assets helped raise the visibility of corporate milestones, open roles, employee updates and other company news.

Kyverna LinkedIn Post
Kyverna LinkedIn Post
Kyverna LinkedIn Post
Waterhouse Brands did a fantastic job building Kyverna’s brand and we will work to make you proud of us!”
Dominic C. Borie, M.D., Ph.D.
President, Research & Development, Kyverna Therapeutics