What we do

Powering impact across the life sciences industry

We have curated an interdisciplinary team to serve as thought partners, planners, and doers to help corporate communications, HR, and commercial teams tackle both transformational initiatives and everyday asks.

What business are you in? What will your company be known for? What’s most important to drive success? These are the questions that will fuel our work together.

We’ve lived the journey between preclinical development and commercialization and know it can be the most challenging yet exhilarating period in a company’s life cycle. During this time, corporate communications, HR and commercial teams stretch to the limit to meet increased demands and keep pace with an organization’s evolution. That’s where we come in as an interdisciplinary team of industry experts devoted to your success.

Waterhouse’s time-tested ALIGN methodology can bring you a competitive edge: Creating the reputational pull that gets all stakeholders invested in the journey.


Our proprietary ALIGN methodology is a five-part strategic and creative framework that defines category positioning and the most high-impact brand activation initiatives to build awareness and drive audience engagement.

With your employees, customers and patients at the heart of what you do, we bring the story to life across channels and touchpoints. As brand and reputation builders, we:

Capabilities extending beyond the traditional agency model.

We help life science companies at every growth stage realize their full potential. Our sweet spot is operating at the intersection of strategy, branding, communications and design—all filtered through the lens of employee experience.

Strategy and branding

We bring an insights-driven approach to designing strategies that deliver results and ROI against your most pressing objectives.


We leverage key client moments and milestones as opportunities to catalyze thought leadership and audience engagement.

Design and digital

We create visual brand and digital experiences to energize and engage audiences across all channels and touchpoints.

Employee experience

We help leaders build values-based cultures that inspire current and prospective talent in support of recruitment and retention.

I am proud of the strategic heft behind our ALIGN process, and our team’s capabilities. Our people plus our process translate into deliverables for our clients that connect all the dots and stand the test of time.”
Meredith Kiernan
Managing Director, Brand Experience