Selling your story at J.P. Morgan 2024: Is your corporate presentation primed to inspire?

Meredith Kiernan
Nov 30, 2023

At Waterhouse, there’s one question that we ask at the start of every strategic engagement: If your [insert: company | product | product candidate] didn’t exist, what would the world miss? It’s a hairy question, and one that challenges executives to think beyond tactical features and functions to define the true patient-centered motivations that power their work.

As your company prepares to make the rounds at J.P. Morgan, we believe emphasizing your aspirational purpose is one of the most underappreciated components of a winning pitch deck. Craft a central theme around how your company’s innovation addresses a critical market need in a new or better way. And, to engage your audience at a deeper level, incorporate anecdotes about your vision to enhance the patient experience as a counterpoint to the technical substance and program data you provide.

To put a finer point on your market opportunity, consider incorporating messaging that touches upon the following topics:

  • Target patient population and expected product use case(s)
  • How you’ll disrupt or augment the current standard of care
  • Your strategy to add value to all members of the healthcare ecosystem
  • Overall impact your company aims to make

Telling a compelling story that connects the dots between your innovation and market need will help your audiences grasp the overall opportunity – and why it’s not to be missed!