Defining your impact through a multifaceted lens at J.P. Morgan 2024.

Meredith Kiernan
Dec 20, 2023

The recent FDA approval of Vertex and CRISPR’s Casgevy illustrates the dynamic tension that exists for companies trying to bring a new therapeutic modality to market. Yes, this potentially curative therapy is a major win for sickle cell disease patients. Yet with a $2.2M price tag—and complex, debilitating pre-treatment requirements—major adoption barriers abound. One might ask: are the trade-offs worth the cost?

For companies pitching “one-and-done” or “best-in-class” therapies to investors and partners at this year’s J.P. Morgan conference, your investment thesis must reflect value-driving considerations for all members of the healthcare ecosystem. Having an actionable plan that demonstrates how you’ll de-risk your asset and cultivate market uptake will help instill confidence in your company’s ability to execute in the long run.

Earlier stage companies should consider engaging experienced advisors with relevant market access and commercialization credentials earlier in the clinical development process to ensure you’ve factored in how to overcome barriers to patient access and physician usage.

Regardless of your company’s life stage, presenting your story at J.P. Morgan is an opportunity to showcase the holistic impact your innovation will make to patients and the healthcare system. Consider sharing your approach for:

  • Clinical and economic evidence
  • Pricing, reimbursement, and health equity
  • Distribution and fulfillment efficiencies
  • Cultivating the market through stakeholder education
  • Achieving market penetration

Ultimately, your presentation must communicate how your company is set up to succeed in bringing disruptive therapies to market in a way that drives efficiencies, better clinical practices, and superior patient care.