The art of showcasing business momentum at J.P. Morgan 2024.

Meredith Kiernan
Dec 13, 2023

Pitchbook’s recently released Q3 Launch Report: Biopharma, which tracks global funding and dealmaking in the biotech sector, and provides a preview into this year’s J.P. Morgan deal climate: With venture dollars being allocated towards fewer but more sizeable deals, the bar is now much higher for companies to break through. Pitchbook defines this new standard for securing funds as “proven leadership and innovative potential.”

So how can your company demonstrate its “proven leadership and innovative potential”?

Beyond typical detail on achievements to-date and expected catalysts, your corporate presentation must provide context around how your team is effectively executing through our industry’s headwinds and pulling all available strategic levers to drive outcomes.

Consider providing a balanced view on the ways your strategic roadmap has been intentionally crafted to surpass the competition and hedge against risk. Dive deeper into topics like:

  • Your team’s expertise and differentiated competencies – plus the plan to address any knowledge gaps
  • Your cultural secret sauce and how it is driving business performance
  • Your point-of-view on the IRA, health equity and ESG and associated impacts on your decision-making
  • Outsourcing strategies or partnerships that will accelerate your path to market
  • How you articulate the value of your products to all ecosystem stakeholders

Ultimately, the companies who are able to demonstrate the right strategic mix of technology, tactics and talent will be best positioned to make headway in the interactions at this year’s conference.