Pardes Biosciences

Building a brand with sights on solving pandemic-size problems.

Our challenge and opportunity

Pardes Biosciences was a company born out of our most pressing public health challenge, the coronavirus pandemic. The company was focused on rapidly developing and delivering oral antivirals for prevalent diseases, starting with COVID-19. 

Waterhouse was engaged in developing the company’s brand and narrative in advance of the company’s emergence from stealth mode, accounting for its fast track to IPO.
What we did
Research, brand strategy and positioning

Visual identity and visual system expansion

Corporate website

Medical illustration

Social media assets

IPO support

Corporate and employer brand positioning signaled Pardes’ bold ambitions to modernize medicines and the access model because pandemic-sized problems can’t wait. Our purposeful ALIGN process fused strategy and creative execution, guiding the development of insights-driven, right-size initiatives.

Pardes Branding

A visual system expansion created a robust design universe around the previously created Pardes logo.

Pardes Brand Book

Custom scientific illustrations highlighted key elements of Pardes’ scientific story.


The redesigned corporate website targeted investors, partners and prospective talent, weaving in the refreshed brand narrative to create an immersive experience.

Pardes Website
Pardes Website
Pardes Website
Pardes Website

Social media support helped Pardes Biosciences celebrate their IPO.

Pardes IPO Social Posts
Thanks to the entire Waterhouse Brands team. We are grateful for your help capturing the essence of what makes our company so special. It takes partners like you to solve pandemic-sized problems.”
Sean Brusky
Chief Business Officer, Pardes Biosciences